WENDY: Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion (2009)

In 2009, Katy entered the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition. The EMM was a 100 day makeover competition where you gentled, started and trained a wild Mustang. The competition was held at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, California in June of 2009. There was different sections to the competition which included handling/conditioning, obstacles under saddle and ridden pattern. The top 10 contestants in those 3 areas went on to the finals. Katy made it in the top ten which landed her in a freestyle component to the competition. After the finals were over, Katy and Wendy were crowned the Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion!


SUPER HORSE: 2007 Quarter Horse Gelding (Chic Please x Taxes N Telesis)

Super Horse is by far my favorite little horse. I’ve learned so much from screwing him up and then learning how to fix him. He further solidified the reason I dove deeper down the horsemanship path rather than the conventional route. I don’t get to work with him as much as I’d like, but he’s always my favorite to work with when I do. He’s certainly a one in a million little horse!


LITTLE BIRD LEGS (Bird) 2009 AQHA mare (Chic Please x Taxes N Telesis)

I love my Bird! I got Bird from some people that felt she wouldn’t make a good prospect for the cow horse events because she was difficult to train. I loved her from the time she was just a weanling and finally bought her in March of 2012. She had gone through 5 trainers as a 2 year old in hopes of making her either a cutting horse or a working cow horse. Ultimately she was too overwhelmed, factious and behaved to difficult to achieve any good results. So, me being the crazy person I am, bought her because I loved everything about her before her experiences with the other trainers. People said she was going to hurt me and I was making a big mistake buying such a difficult mare. Well…. I’ll do this all day long! Bird needed me to just take the time it takes, build a connection and really help her understand what was wanted. Once she understands, she’ll give you her guts in effort, she’s such a sweet mare. I learned a lot with Bird, especially how to be more thorough in my groundwork program. I was intimidated to ride her when I got her because of all the nasty stories I heard so instead I just kept teaching her as much as I could from the ground. Hard work sure pays off!